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I know what love is but how do I continue to be supportive of my gal when her body is changing so rapidly with her moods swing with it badly as well?

It sounds like she has been having a lot of trouble lately with being a healthy partner to you. Is there a specific thing you’re looking for right now, in terms of advice on support?

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I love her with all my heart and have no idea exactly what she personnaly is deal with in the changes she’s having internally and mentally. I just Hope I am doing well with just trying to be supportive for her during this transition from young to old.She has to go to dentist and get dentures now her teeth are in bad shape and she worries a lot about everything. I don’t know and need advice on how to be more supportive I guess.

When I’m having symptoms or going through some personal ■■■■,

I ask my husband to just ignore me.

I know I’ll get upset with him for no reason and we’ll argue.

I’d try to sit down and have a conversation with HER about how to be supportive.

She may be like me and the best thing you can do is just let her be.

She could need more attention and reassurance.

I don’t know, only she can tell you.

Also, I wouldn’t refer to it as going from young to old in front of her.

It wouldn’t make her feel good.


You’re already doing it. You love her in spite of her issues. You are a listening ear (don’t try to solve the problem unless she asks you to).

You could try asking her if she needs a hug when she’s down. She may be too upset for one at the time but she’ll know you care.


that is good advice.

it is nice just to make that effort to suggest even if they prefer not to hug atm when you suggest/ask


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