For the vets

What does an asvab score of 108 in gt mean? I see no regular scores. A 108 gt is not really that high. I scored 88 and above on all the other subsections. All the subsections I guessed on. That means a 108 is weak if I can get above 88 just by guessing. I find it interesting that sf only requires 107. We must be a nation of idiots.

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I don’t think that’s bad. I forget what mine was. Been so long ago.

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I think 65 qualifies you for any job. Even nuclear.

I got a 69, I’ll never forget bcuz the awesome number, I don’t remember the individual sub scores, I don’t consider myself smart at all, I think I just did good on the test when I enlisted, meps had the test there on computers when I took it.

I don’t even see no basic score. All I see are subsections. 69 means you did better than 69% of people. Cool number and nice score!

It has been do long, I can’t remember. :turtle::turtle::turtle:

Just read last night that Al Gore served in my unit. He actually went to Vietnam. I never knew that. A hero for sure. The biggest hero that ever served in the 20th was 1sgt Rafferty. I didn’t serve with him but my buddies told stories like he was a legend.:star_struck:

Don’t be modest now. You probably had the highest ASVAB score possible.

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Have you picked your MOS yet? :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

Nah I was already in. We were both 21b.

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I loved being a 21B. :koala::koala::koala:

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For sure.

You did great things for your country. The war was justified. You’re a hero. Thank you for your service!

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In the Army at anytime did they explain why the war was just? It was. I’m just curious if that even came up.

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When you are in war, the reason and the politics go out the window. Keeping yourself and your teammates alive are the only thing that is important. :shark::shark::shark:


No problem. Right back at you :pig::pig::pig:

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