For the night is dark and full of terrors

So maybe a normie gov is aiming too high…i think a small band of motivated and or skilled sz…should come together and form a social media campaign…humor and wit and being overly meta will earn us a place amongst the normies…it would place us in a spot to educate and recruit to bolster our numbers and influence… Please leave a :fire: if you would like to be on the team…we can hash out a plan in pm land…

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Oh yea game of thrones reference was used as click bait… Normies love references…anyway… :fire:

<img src=“” title=":fire


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Ah no ■■■■ it’s @BarkingDog


anyways, ■■■■ fitting in, heres joy division

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Oh yea i dont want to fit in i want use to run this ■■■■…and we can be meta as ■■■■ with relative immunity…you cant talk ■■■■ to the sz horde…its not pc lol

yeah, well, I don’t ■■■■ around like that. Kinda gives me a bad ‘flava’.

What…your avatar is a ninja turtle…their meta as ■■■■…i dont want us to be the kardasians…but deadpool and the ninja turtles are a great example… A little light hearted poking at the world of normies is a good plan… We would be immune to the sociopaths talking ■■■■…thats a nice perc…

■■■■, I had an idea I wouldn’t make sense, I don’t even know what ‘meta’ means, I’m from northern europe, long story, lol

Either way, I’m with you bro, lead and I will follow xD

also I read “can’t” as “can” lol…



I’m drunk and do nut understand stand enliggshhshh… ■■■■!

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Oh meta means like social commentary…breaking the 4th wall…when dead pool talks directly to the audience or makes references outside of his marvel universe hes being meta…