For the mods

Lately, after the first try, whenever I click on my avatar at the top to the right, or the three lines which gives the different topics, it comes up blank. I have to reload the page and then it does it again. Is something going on with the forum programming or is it my phone?

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Are you using iphone? @SacredNeigh7 was reporting similar problems with her iphone.


Yup @everhopeful. An iPhone 5S.


Probably your phone. Try closing the page or app. Then restart your phone. If that doesn’t help you may need to clear you cache and cookies.

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I have this problem too.

I went to google and signed in to the forum manually and still have the problem but less so than when I come up automatically signed in through my safari.

I still have this problem but feel I can move around a touch more since signing in manually.

Today I was able to open messages I wanna was unable to read before.

I have iPhone too.

Hope it will get better for us both.

It still comes up blank for me.

I can’t visit my profile or see the menu .

I have to go to bottom of page and click one of those options.

I’m locked out of my profile in a way because of it.

I can’t use menu or profile.

I can’t change my profile or even see it.

So can’t use menu or profile at all.

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