For sith. ten charachters long

For you sith, for us all.


I better hurry, i think im having a heart attack right now.


You should let me cuss a bit though.

The lobotomy im going through just irks me a bit, and then there is the torture on top of that.

My legs are going to fall off.

My family hates me.

Im poor.

No car.

Just let me cuss.

i have heard of their kind , it is easy to win against a drunk jedi.
if you let go you can be one with the force, but it is best not to spew all over it !?!
take care

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I have an alien talking to me.
They once said they are the force.

I even create invisible swords.
Of energy. But only true abductees can see it.
Since they can escape control.

Sucks check it out.