For people without negative symptoms, how are you doing?

Maybe if min-101 is a success then more people will get relief from negative symptoms.

So what’s it like not having negative symptoms? Are you doing anything productive or interesting?

Elyn Saks is a huge example of what’s possible without negative symptoms.

I am able to walk every morning for up to an hour
I go volunteer work
I pursuing going out evening
My problems is paranoia and voices which come usually once a week they are unpleasant I feel I’m being hounded
This leaves me in a vicious circle of anxiety


I’m also curious about those with no negatives, it really sucks having negatives.

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I wish Elyn talked more about negative symptoms. I didn’t expect them and they limit my activity.

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I lack motivation to do home study for captioning. But over the last 2 months i have been walking or going to the gym most days as well as working 32 hours a week over 5 days.

My meds were increased last year after being hospitalized for not taking them and gradually I am doing much better and believe I am on the best possible dose.

I also started last year doing things in 15 min increments. Like cleaning the house better, laundry, ironing, walking anything really. I can do anything for 15 minutes. Then it just built over the months.

But still struggling with self study. Haven’t signed up for classes yet. Want to make sure i am commited. But that also means i have no support right now and no real goal except to learn the theory i need to sign up. Going on 12 months of this with barely any study in the last 6 months.

Maybe it is not what i am suppose to be doing. But i do get sucked into self help and the internet in my free time a lot. So wasted time.

I started tracking my daily time expenditure. It helps here and there to do more and see my wasted time. Definitely helped me increase my exercise.

Little by little I guess


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