For most of my life, I got cheated out of falling in love, getting along with people and connecting to other people

So screw it. I deserve my life now of being friendly, getting along with people, making people laugh, and scaring bullies. The last one is a rare occurrence because most people are just trying to get along the best they can and physical altercations don’t happen that often. But a little part of me gets a perverse pleasure out of occasionally turning the tables on idiots.


You’re a good dude, Nick. I hope a pretty girl smiles at you this weekend and you tell us all about the names of your future dogs.


It’s like the idea couldn’t be in place,
Deny it or accept it,
The more time continued the farther away it became, and I made it of less importance.
deprived of it, yes the thought would continue to play its course because it was only a thought after all,
Come to find the simple role was just self rejection,
In a poets note I was just afraid of letting go,

it probably was nothing but a sweet breeze,
As I continue to walk and create my life.

Lol, thank you very much @Rhubot . I guess you’re right: I’m a good dude and I’ll have to accept it. I don’t always get smiles. I get many frowns and looks of indifference, lol.

By the way: Spot, Fido, and Rover. And Buttons the cat.

Have a nice night and don’t wear yourself out moderating.


Nick! Is the situation in the picture below about to take a turn for the better or for the worse?

I’m not sure what you mean @everhopeful.

You never know which way life is going to turn. You can still get your chance to fall in love and get along with people and connect with them. As a matter of fact I’d say you’re already doing the latter 2.

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Thank you very much @everhopeful.

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