For me it works when I'm not too present for myself to understand

Being too present makes me feel too “un-armed” and kind of loses my self-defense.
I figured I need to kind of have a bit more distance to myself - and pretend/act up.
For a shy guy like I am this seems to work. How about you - can you be present and brave at the same time?

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean exactly. But if you prefer to avoid direct confrontations, that’s probably not a bad thing. You can’t be a hero all the time. Sometimes, self-preservation and choosing to walk away is just the smartest option.
Sometimes, when it comes to certain subjects, no matter how much you would like to prove a point, it doesn’t really make a difference anyways. Very few people will change their minds about much of anything. It’s just another conflict that will go unresolved. If it ends up in a verbal or physical fight or unnecessary violence of any kind, it’s just not worth it.

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