For heaven sakes what are you snickering about now

today is the day that I go to the food bankhoping to get a few items on that Thanksgiving list that I haven’t boughthow are you doing on your list who even made one outare you doing turkey or ham or vegetarian this yeardo you know how many people will be coming to this gatheringoh and there is something on your shirtmade you look

Hehehe, you make me smile with your posts DrZen.
Wished you lived closer, I’d help you out with some of those items on your list.

It’s at my mom’s this year, as always, but this year I get to bring the rolls, pumpkin pie, and whip cream…and I also get to be the one who cleans my mom’s floors, do the vacuuming, dusting, and setting up the tables. Then after it’s over, I get to do the dishes and clean up again. My brothers will just hop in their cars and drive away like nothing.
Oh the joy of being the only girl, and the one with “no life” because I don’t work.
oh, and the turkey is thawing out in my kitchen sink.