For anyone who wants to be not just one depressed person, but two!

Depression Quest is a game i found online. ive actually never played, but it sounded so interesting that i thought i’d share it. to me, it would be a good game for all normies to play. Basically, you have a character who has depression and you have to navigate through life with that player.

Here is the link: (the game is free)


I had a quick look. It’s good , its like a “choose your own adventure” type of thing. But there’s walls of text unfortunately. Too much for my puny concentration. Sad face.

Does the lead depressed character lie on the couch all day eating potato chips and watching Judge Judy?

It’s a very controversial and mediocre “game” (you have these walls of text with almost no graphics and limited choices as you progress).

Not bananas. He eats uncooked jalepenos, which leads to constant throat infections, which leads to depression. He hasn’t really caught on to the vicious cycle yet.

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