For anyone still kinda liking Phil

Phil had a procedure this morning to remove a growth on his back hip, it was inflamed and infected, even though he’s on antibiotics for his intestine. He said the 8 needles were painful, and enough pus to fill half a glass. Poor Phil. I want him to rest, but he’s not, he’s cleaning the kitchen and wants to go get groceries. So glad he got it taken care of. Love you, Phil.
He went to get groceries, I wished he wouldn’t have, now he’s sleeping. I’ll check on him soon.


Wow. He must be relatively ok if he can do all that. Hopefully he doesn’t overdo it

yeah, he likes to stay busy. Me too, but my bum leg won’t let me do much.

I’m sorry about your leg. Is there anything that can be done?

I’ll find out next Wednesday. I haven’t been using my walker. It still hurts sometimes.

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He might just be a guy who pushes through stuff. My ex husband threw up in his car on the way to work. He didn’t call off work. There were other times he was sick and he never called in. He was just like that.

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Good luck at your appointment! And dust off the walker! :wink:

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I think we’ve come to an understanding when he realized my leg was broken

both of us, high threshold for pain.

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They had to have numbed him this morning. How did he walk so soon after the procedure?

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not sure honey, he didn’t request me to be there

but I put all the groceries away and he went to bed.

He does back on Monday.

I asked him if he was dizzy, I didn’t want him to do the dishes, but he insisted. I’ll have to read the follow up report I guess.

I suppose it would be something like trying to eat after a dentist used Novocain. Not a great experience.

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You two are falling apart at the seams!!! I hope you both get better soon!! I wish I could pop over to your house and help you out. :confused: I send many hugs your way. :hugs::hugs:

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I actually think it’s going well right now

but I’m not sure.

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