For all us California people who drive

Governor Newsom may give us a rebate because the gas prices are so high. A onetime check. It’s not for sure, it’s still in the planning phase.



We effing need it.

Gas is crazy expensive.


Would be the 7th richest in GNP.

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It’s not for sure. They are still talking about it. He announced it in his State of the State address.


maybe. is there a lot of export. typically owned by other countries.

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the myth is that the U.S. needs Saudia Arabia, or other countries,
we’ve got plenty of reserves. the pipelines are rampant in this country. so many protest too, right there, taken away to jail.

The U.S. has five years of reserves without imports.

does that mean we only got 5 years, cuz I really think not.
doesn’t mean we should be drilling in the National Artic Refuge.

Five years supply from your country’s proven reserves. No more. That could change now that companies are doing exploration again.

where are you coming up with that?
hopefully we’re done with that.

Tha Intarwebz - they’s amazeballs.

Good news @77nick77! Thanks.

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