For all the schizophrenic men, how many girlfriends have you had?

I have not had any “one-night stands” because as you’ve stated, I am looking for a “real relationship” and would “trust her”.

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alright forget it. sorry I replied.

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I’ve had 3 girlfriends, dated maybe 4 other women for a very short time (no sex), and went to the brothel twice (which I’m not proud of). All this was before 30 when I came down with sz. My longest relationship lasted about 2 and a half years. It ended when she cheated on me because I would refuse having babies.

After sz, I only dated one woman, whom I had honest feelings for, but she didn’t reciprocate so I let her go.

The longer I stay single, the less confident I am in my skills and chances of landing a good relationship. Most of the time I don’t mind being single, and my sexual urges have diminished a lot, but sometimes I still get the blues.


I have had one girlfriend, and I didn’t even know it at the time

When I found out that’s what was going on I ended our contact

Apart from that I have been single

It’s a shame - I will be 35 in a month, and I am still single.

Maybe it will happen, maybe not.

As each year goes by I become less desirable and feel like I am ships passing in the night with other humans


Zero after getting sick 8 years ago.

I dated quite a few times after sz. Didn’t get to have a relationship with any of them, but had like a “thing” going a couple of times which lasted maybe 2 months each. I did disclose to one of them who was a bit inquisitve that i had psychosis. It wasn’t a dealbreaker.

The last 8 years my physical health has been very bad though. I only dated once the last 8 years I think. In retrospect I wasn’t ready.

My main issue has been insomnia, but sleeping better just lately. If it continues it could open some doors for me. I would like to be in a relationship. Maybe some day.


Why cant we get a date after sz. Do we smell off or what


I had a girl I saw quite a lot between 1976- 1981. It wasn’t a very grown up relationship. Then there was a woman I’d first met in hospital in 1979. One to one was reasonably OK,but when she was with a group of other people I’d tend to get the brush off.

I had my 1st disastrous attempt at sex with her. in 1981. There was about 3 minutes fore play. Then she swung round and got a condom out. of a bedside cabinet. There were umpteen in there.I got totally thrown, and it went flaccid quickly. It didn’t help that I’d never practised putting on a condom before. She huffed and puffed and turned her back on me to go to sleep.

I found out quite a few years later that she’d vamped male patients/male nurses/males visiting patients.

My wife was the 3rd one. We met in hospital in 1982. Married in 1986. She developed vascular dementia in 2002 and died in 2005. It was a good marriage, though lack of sex tended to be a bit of a problem. My fault not hers. That aborted attempt mentioned before screwed me up psychologically. I’d go into ultra panic mode re maintaining the erection.


Yea man I feel you. I went through that once, was too nervous during our first attempt at sexual intercourse and I lost my erection. Luckily, a week later I was back on high horses, so to speak and things got better from there onwards. But it was with a nice girl, not a sexual predator. She was reasonably understanding, given the circumstances.


I’ve also been cursed with meeting good, but unavailable (aka married) women and falling for them. It took great effort on my part to pull away from the temptation.

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I always had female company in my life, nothing sexual, but friends.

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I have had far too many. I was “serial monogamist” - only once did i cheat on one of my girlfriends.

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But i dont know for sure, i never been cheated on

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I have been cheated on two times, and it feels terrible. Even today i feel guilty for having cheated even it was only kissing.


I need to talk to a real live woman of whom I have her phone number, know her real name and see at least a few times a week. (propinquity)

I feel shitty.

Honestly a woman probably doesn’t want to have children with a man who has a mental illness. Fear that the baby could inherit it.


Around 10. Two since being diagnosed.

Never had a girlfriend post-sz diagnosis. But I had a girlfriend in high school/early college. She was the one that got away. But I was messed up in the prodromal phase, and had no idea I was ill. We broke up because of that. She’s married now.

Never had a girlfriend ever but I’ve blown plenty of decent opportunities

Unless you count camp at 13 I dated a girl but that was pre diagnosis

Never really had a proper or serious relationship just had a few female friends with benefits.
I hope this didn’t sound sexist.

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