For a couple weeks or so

I will not have internet for a couple weeks so I will not be able to log in.

Waiting for a new modem for our internet.

I believe I will be back​:hushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::tada::metal:t5::v:t2:

But will not be able to log in while we are waiting for the new modem to arrive.

Also thought I would let you guys know I lost 3 kg the last few months or so.

I started going for walks and doing Zumba for beginners.
I also try to eat less.

I was around 70 kg on olanzapine .
I was around 50 kg when hospitalised and put on 20 kg.
When I was put on latuda I lost ten of those twenty kg.
I was 60 kg for quiet some time but last time I looked it looked like I now weigh 57kg.
I am approximately 161cm so that is within normal bmi.

I hope to lose a few more kg and try to get to my normal weight that I have when I am not medicating.

I met my psychiatrist the other day and told her I feel attacked by invisible weapons but I forgot to tell her I feel attacked by most television people so I can suffer when watching tv but I only usually wAtch ready recorded films or series so it’s not live tv.

She perscribed medication for my jaw clenching.

Hope you guyzzz are well.

Just thought I would let you know…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good luck, @SacredNeigh7! And congrats on losing weight. Hope to see you back soon!

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Thank you for the update, Zillija1. Way to go on your weight loss and exercise. Looking forward to more posts from you.

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:blush: thank you!

As from tomorrow we will not have our modem till new one arrives.

We’ll miss you!!! And congratulations on tge weight loss!!! :blush: Don’t stop now!!! You can make it better!! :star_struck:

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I hate to be a downer but it’s not healthy to keep losing and gaining weight periodically. Don’t quote me on this but I think someone said that if you go up and down in weight too much, you will become diet-resistant.
It means then that you will not be able to lose weight no matter what diet you’re on. But I believe whoever said that was talking about losing and gaining large amounts of weight. I’m guilty of it.

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