Football vs Tennis

It is clear to me that football is obviously the better sport. For in tennis, they never score a goal.

Football as in soccer as we refer to it in America???

I like American football>Soccer>tennis

Nothing beats the world cup though really

Yes it is in some areas of the world referred to as soccer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Prefer strip table tennis myself.

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I should be more weary that everyone posting at 4:52 AM Eastern United States time is probably not from the United States.

Woke up early and rolled with it. Already had my cup of coffee so no going back to bed now.

But yeah futbol is cool…That Germany Brazil game last year was the craziest thing Ive ever seen.

Dont watch much futbol other than the world cup though

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Better according to who? Soccer fans or tennis fans? I think that when you say soccer is better that you would get an argument from tennis fans. I was on the soccer team in high school but I liked playing tennis better than playing soccer.

Its better because tennisplayers very rarely score goals :slight_smile:

No, you’re wrong. They NEVER score goals. But they can hit that ball in a little space at 110 mph. Yeah, I know soccer is probably the most popular sport just about everywhere but in the U.S. But soccer is boring to me. And they rarely score goals!

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Thanks, I thought of this as an analogy for a discussion I, as a philosophy student, often find myself pressed into when I tell people what I do. Which is about the value of science (soccer) vs. philosophy (tennis), and the latter’s inability to produce evidence (goals), because of which it is judged to be of not much worth. In this sense I like your reply: it is not part of the game of tennis to even attempt to score goals, so to judge the value of the game by the amount of goals that are made in tennis is rather confused, almost funny in a way. I enjoy playing both soccer and tennis though, and exploring metaphors and analogies as well :slight_smile:

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football fan here, pretty sure theres a few gooners on ther forum.
ill watch tennis occasionally when its on tv, usually wimbledon. favourite player would be federer.
only sports i cant watch is golf and cricket

Yeah as long as it’s American I don’t give a ■■■■