Football Returns after annoying international break

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Are you all ready???

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Big matches ahead on Saturday

Tottenham Vs Liverpool

We gotta take revenge on Tottenham for last year’s drubbing they handed us at Wembley.

Watford vs Man United

Newcastle V Arsenal

Man city vs Fulham

Chelsea vs Cardiff

Big matches

Also in La Liga

Bilbao vs Real Madrid … always a tough one for Real Madrid

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona

Atletico Madrid vs Eibar … Easy one for Atletico

In Serie A

Juventus vs Sassuolo … Cristiano Ronaldo yet to score a goal.

All this and more…

As champions league also kicks off from Tuesday

Gonna be fun

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The Tottenham vs. Liverpool game will be a good one. I’ve been curious how Real Madrid will do with new coach and without Ronaldo. I haven’t heard one thing about it. It must be going okay so far.

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@lenny and @rcjj I could see Ronaldo scoring 3 goals this weekend. You guys watching?


Sporting Club Portugal plays Maritimo. That should be a good one. Looks like they tied Benfica a couple of weeks ago. They must be the powerhouses of the league right?


I will admit it @latenightsurfer and @TheBest - I much prefer club football to international friendliest (even this nations league thing). The Tottenham v Liverpool match will be great!


I completely agree with you. World cup is another story though.


Yeah you are right World Cup is special.


Annoying returns after international football break


Lol :joy::rofl:


So far it’s been good for Real Madrid but the tough fixtures are coming … So we will find out soon

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First really good team Liverpool will have played. A test of how good they are. 1-1.


No no god bless

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You should make a note of your predictions each week and at the end of the season compare with the actual results. I bet you get a lot right


Was that an accidental post @anon97118089? Hope you are feeling good dude.

Maybe brother bear but I’m taking it on like a lion nameen brother bear

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It could score that’s true! He didn’t went to play the national game against Italy, he’s more fresh this week.

My team it’s Sporting! But if I were you I didn’t expect much of the match this weekend, it isn’t for the championship. We might as well play with a 2nd team :sweat_smile:

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Liverpool win against Spurs. A nervy ending but a comfortable win over all.

Top of the table

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