Football for 5 year olds

yesterday i drove past the playing fields outside the country town i live near to.
there was a match on for 5 year olds, all the parents were there
some kids seemed to be waving to their parents,
some were gazing at the sky looking at a cloud or something?
two were holding hands and skipping towards the ball !
then there were the over achievers , three of them running and tackling each other.
i remember when i was a kid i just looked at clouds all day, good times.
take care


I had some good moments when I was a kid. But it’s sad isn’t it? Looking back when we were so innocent, having no idea what was in store for us.

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My youngest boy started playing soccer as a 5 yearold. He often missed the gameplay. He stood and watched the sky for birds or clouds. Sometimes he started looking for ants. Haha

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