Foods to avoid wile on antipsychotic

I know usually grapefruit is not recommended wile taking med, it decreases the effectiveness of the med. I don’t eat grapefruit, but are there any other fruits or juices to avoid. thinking if pomegranate juice if it is okay to drink… I never got the chance to ask my psychiatrist, probably next month I see her I will ask her.

I know it’s important to take your meds with food or on an empty stomach if that’s what prescribed. Because it makes a big difference.

I will avoid artichoke after once having tried a capsule of artichoke extract.

  1. ST johns wart (affected me badly while on solian- amisulpride)
  2. Too much black tea
  3. Propecia (hair loss drug)
  4. lemon
  5. too much aspartame causes depression in me.
  6. camomile tea

Camomile tea? Really? What effect did that have on you?

Not 100% sure if was chamomile.

Started locking doors, looking over shoulder all the time. Increase in paranoia.

You might be fine with Chamomile. It depends on what antipsychotic you are on too.

I am just super sensitive and I pick up if the illness is coming back quickly, then I hassle doctors as to why.

I had a bad reaction to green tea. It landed me in the ER. Really high blood pressure, anxiety, and rash. No more green tea or simple black tea for me anymore.