Food thread

I’m being half healthy. I was hungry after dinner and tried not to snack, but I’m weak. So I’m having leftover roasted veggies.

My first job outside of delivering newspapers and babysitting, was being an A&W carhop. I loved it. The piped in music and I met my first boyfriend who had a car. I think I was 14. I had no idea they are 100 years old. They are a good company.


That’s awesome! Yeah I had no idea they were 100 years old and the first fast food restaurant. I guess they also invented the bacon cheeseburger at an A&W in Lansing Michigan.

That’s like the greatest invention ever.

Having lemon pepper salmon with a salad and ranch yogurt dressing.

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Omg I’m going to have some after I get paid. There’s an inn in the town I grew up in that has it. I’m no onion person, but this is just yummy!

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