Food that's medicinal

Hi, over the last couple of days I have included quinoa to my diet and it has had the most amazing effect. I feel healthier, my face has more colour and I was less hungry. It is known to have loads of good nutrients especially magnanase and I believe it has a low GI content. In the UK it is sold in microwavable bags so no fussing! What is your recommended food science?

I think most foods , the unprocessed kinds, are all good for us in some way or another. I am starting to eat more of the cruciferous vegetables for their cancer preventative qualities and their availability and low price range.

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All food groups are important.

I am allergic to Green Tea but when I was drinking it - I felt a certain calm like no other.
Green Tea contains Theanine - a very helpful compound, especially soothing and calming for schizophrenia/bipolar.

Lately - well for a while now, I have been eating more low carb and in moderation - I lost a good amount of weight because of this.

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I just eat all the damn meat and carbs in sight then drink a protein shake.

Like last night I ate all of the mashed potatoes (yes, all of them) and a steak then drank two scoops of whey.

Im known for eating all of the food in sight, and Im not even fat, Im a workout nut. Im 5’7 185lbs and plan on getting bigger. I gained 5lbs in like two weeks, either that or I must have been dehydrated and not have eaten when I was weighed at the doc’s. Today is shoulders day. Im gonna go nuts. I always go nuts. One time I lifted 500lbs six times, it made me shart. I do volume workouts now, no more powerlifting. My knees were gonna give out if I kept that ■■■■ up.

But yeah I eat shredded wheat, peanut butter, milk, whey, thats breakfast. Oh and with breakfast I take xanax, geodon and propranolol. and espresso.

For lunch I either eat chipotle, a double meat burrito, or chicken and fried rice from somewhere. At school they have chicken and rice bowls to go, I grab those.

In the afternoon I eat a meal replacement protein bar. Its like a ■■■■ brick. I take another xanax with it.

For dinner I eat whatever dead animal and starch is in the house, like potatoes and beef (sometimes steak) or pasta and chicken. I take another geodon with it.

When I workout, I drink three scoops of glycofuse (75g of carbs) and 60g hydrolized whey during my workout.

A normal person would be obese if they ate like this…and maybe dead if they took all the pills too. Then when I go to bed, I take another xanax and three 3m melatonin pills, I chew them up, and then 20mg nexium.

A day in the life. When Im really sore I put glutamine in my water.

This made me laugh.

Lentils are good vegetarian source of protein - love them! They were the only thing I ate that made me pick up needed weight in the past. Now my meds do that.
Barley is supposed to be a good food to help depression.


I eat Lentils often - really good for you, I love them too! :smile:

I’ve been eating this powder supplement called Raw Fiber by Garden of Life. It has all the superfoods, with probiotics and all natural goodness.

I put one scoop of it in my smoothie every day. It removes toxins from the body, maintains your weight, and aids your digestive track, so I no longer have acid reflux.

It costs about $40 u.s. dollars at a Health Food Store, but it lasts about 2 months.


@Daze, I use Garden of Life products too. As a vegetarian, I sometimes use the Raw protein to ensure I meet my needs each day–but bee pollen granules are one of my main sources of protein. My household uses Garden of Life Raw Calcium to make sure we receive our magnesium intake daily. Potassium is the hardest mineral to include into our diets, as over 4000 mg is needed per day and so far not a one (certified 100 percent) whole food supplement reaches that amount.

From Mountain Rose Herbs, I include organic, fair traded essential oils in my nutritional regimen.

‘Juicing for Better Health’ - documentary.

hi saadiqah how are u now… hope all ur tensions got away… i too like lentils…
aint that good for eyesight…???

I feel better and am more energetic when I eat salads/