Food texture changing on Abilify?

I want to preface that I am absolutely going to talk to my doctor about this and am not looking to this site as a substitute of a doctor’s opinion. However, ever since I started Abilify, I haven’t been able to eat certain foods. It’s almost like the texture changed and now I find it horribly disgusting. An example of this is eggs. I used to love a good over easy egg. Now I can’t stand them. Just curious if anyone else has experienced something like this with Abilify or another medication?


I never experience that when I was on Abilify but I was only on 5mg for a short time.

I kind of had something like that tbh but for me it i couldnt actually swallow it. I hated poridge but now i can eat it again

No. I never experienced something like this and I’m on Abilify since 2015.

I’m on Abilify and I’ve lost interest in food definitely

I’ve been on Abilify for over a decade and didn’t notice anything with regards to food.

That’s strange these kind of hallucination can happen. Also since the antipsychotics are altering dopamine and hunger hormones then yeah maybe disturbance with food can happen. My best guess is that maybe changing medication is giving you slightly different presentations in your symptoms maybe more like a symptom medication interaction if you were previously on a different medication and not getting this. Also abilify might just not be working as well as other medication