Food Preparation & Not Eating Much Food!

Hi. None of that is protein. You NEED protein in your diet.

Should I get whey powder?

Hi, BakedBeans. I just want to say that it’s a fine line between common sense and giving medical advice. I know that protein is a part of a healthy diet. And ALMOST everybody needs a daily serving. Too much protein may not be good for you. I don’t know how healthy you are or if you have any medical conditions, or what you weigh, or even how old you are. Those factors determine what your daily diet should be. Even experts disagree on what is a healthy diet and what isn’t. I mean when you have a hundred experts say that high-protein-low-carbs is absolutely the best diet you can eat, and THEN you have a hundred ohter experts who have spent their lives studying nutrition come out and say that a high protein diet is dangerous than you see the dilemma of knowing who is right and who to believe. So while it was obvious to everybody that basing a diet on beans and a little fruit EVERY day is not healthy, I can’t tell you EXACTLY what to eat. Generally speaking, vegetables are good for you. and the wider the variety that you eat, the better it is for the majority of peoples health. Protein is good. Don’t be discouraged that you are not eating a perfect diet. But protein is ALMOST essential in a diet and you can get it from some certain nuts, certain bread, meat, beans, and a couple other sources. I hope I’m not frustrating or confusing you with writing so much. But it seems according to doctors that too many carbs are not good. How many are good? I don’t know, it depends on who you ask. Generally a lot of sugar is not good for you, or too much fat. Fruit has a form of sugar but it has health benefits and provides fiber. I’m giving you a hodgepodge of information. A doctor, if you have one would know more than me. But to sum up what I believe is generally correct, avoid sugar, to many carbs, and too much fat. Protein is and a variety of vegetables is good for you. Like I said before we are probably both on a tight budget so we can’t always eat what we want.

At Walmart I bought chicken strips, whole wheat wraps, almonds, spinach and made a chicken nut wrap for lunch. My weekly grocery budget is also $25.00 per week. Thanks for your help. :sunny:

Cottage cheese with your pineapple -

You’re welcome. I’m glad to see you are going to eat healthier foods and have more variety. Beans are actually good for you in moderation. Have a nice night.