Food of the future

thanks ill check it out!!

Maybe if you add in liberal fruit? I have a hard time with vegetables too.

I compensate with fruit.

It’s so nice, fruit salad, chopped Bananas, chopped apple and a chopped pear, with sweet ground cinnamon mixed in.


I still eat veg but yea not a lot.


Me too.

I manage to get around it by buying ‘Fiid’ prepared stew mixes. It has 3 of th 5 a day and is full of spices and flavour to disguise the veg in my opinion.

​​Fiid 100% Natural Vegan Microwave Ready Meals Flavour Multipack - 6x400g Pouches - 6 Flavours (Vegetarian Food Pouch, High in Fibre & Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free) : Grocery

I split the pack in two and have it with rice or chicken, or baked potatoes. That way it works out quite cheap and oh so convenient. 2 minutes in a microwave! Healthy low salt, gluten free etc.

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mmmm sounds good!! yea actualy i just had some fruit rn. guess thats what my body needed

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I know where the chaos is leading to but I don’t buy into it I see the world eating healthier foods in the next 20 years it will be run by a farming location that you had never heard of before it won’t be on the bottom of the ocean or in a frozen layers of the tundra are in the middle of the tropics however it will be generated by computers and it will also be grown by robots and we’ll feed approximately 30 trillion people


I came across Huel daily Greens which looks pretty fantastic.

It is not available in the UK yet, so usa only:

Huel Daily Greens

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My mistake. I meant chlorella. I’ve never tried spirulina!




dude it looks awesome and is an amazing idea… but the sight of spirulina makes me wanna barf :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

its such a cool idea tho


Has anyone tried powdered lobster?



oh ok, i just checked they look pretty much the same.

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I just watched the movie Soylent Green to know what the reference was to.

Interesting that the soylent was marketed as sea plankton…

The analogy that the sea is dying which like our rivers in the uk have excessive nitrate blooms and is poisoning the land and water is caused by the consumption of cows, chicken etc.

The fact that the consumption of meat and the contrast to saving and feeding the world with algae just doesn’t hold any gumption as represented by the movie itself.

An actual algae/plankton based food environment could save our lands and soil from over use and posioning saving the planet from us eventually having to eat ourselves.

The example of using soylent green as an example to imply that environmentally friendly grown food is negative just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, that is my two cents and understanding of finally having watched the movie.