Food is a disease

It is as bad as smoking. Obesity.

I don’t know why it is okay to promote junk food on TV and make it look amazing.


I love you @mermaid1
You’re a dear friend.
You are concerned for our collective health , and, I am indebted to you for that.

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Food is a pleasure as long as you don’t abuse it


I mean even portions at restaurants is illogical.

When I went to USA, all restaurants/chains had the calories set out on the menu so people can see.
There has to be a revolution in the industry because it is sick. All this food and animal torture.

I am just angry and tired. And I can not do anything for most of the stuff I care about.

I don’t usually watch tv and I don’t usually eat junk food. I do smoke though…

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There is a documentary on Netflix about sugar and how it is poison. Although when they wanted to release the information to the common American public the sugar industry paid a lot of money for doctors to say it is fat that is bad for you, and that a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from.

The conclusion of the documentary is that even though sugar is poison, people will never stop eating grandma’s cookies.


Food is needed to survive. I don’t see how food is a disease. Obesity is a problem in North America but not to the rest of the world.

Manufacturing (cooking & packaging) and marketing junk food is business advertisement like any other ad found on TV.

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That’s only New York though that does that. my state doesn’t at least except at fast food.

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meh. i think of food in many ways. It can be a treat. It can be entertaining to try something new. The right ones promote health if eaten frequently.

but one observation is that it is like amything else. A coomputer can be used for good or bad, as can a car.We can become as addicted to food as we can gambling or video games. meh.

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Did you start eating too much all at once or did the weight gain come gradually? Mine started all at once as a teen and I remember stretching my stomach very painfully until it went numb to how much I ate. Just now, I am daring to have any feeling in my stomach and that whole area of my body.

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food is a necessity but as usual it’s buyer beware.

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No I am not eating too much. I am dieting. I love to go out sometimes and try new food, something worthwhile.
But eating out every day junk food is not sensible. I just feel angry at my partner because he does not care if he will have a heart attack and die before he turns 40 because of eating too much crap.

Have you seen the documentary FedUp?

Sad and alarming.

I think some people around me assumes I’m some kind of anti-food nazi sometimes because I don’t like the idea of living for food alone.

It’s not that simple. I like cooking and tasting food, but it becomes a problem when it’s all the person lives for.

My grandma actually lives like that and it’s hard to see. Sometimes annoying because she pesters you to eat more than you need to.

In particular I get annoyed when people bug me to “go eat out” because “they’re bored” and its like doubly frustrating.

Guess I’m still a scrooge in that department.

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Food, in moderation, is a blessed thing.


I honestly love food but feel guilty when I’ve eaten more than I know I really needed. Comfort food for me is a source of feel good wholesomeness tinged with regret.

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I agree. I would say gluttony is a disease… but of course without regard to religion but rather definition. Besides that corporations cut food like people do drugs. Processed like granulated sugar and ionized sodium in comparison with sugar cane and sea salt… And that’s the tip of the iceberg yellow dye number 5. Hah don’t push the button. (Gluttony and thst.):wink:

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On the other hand, some food is like medicine :slight_smile:


I eat too much, and it shows. I’ve got a great big belly. I think it is causing me back problems. I’m pretty good at eating cheaply, but I’m not too good at eating healthy. In the assisted living center where I stay there are two different programs - one where all your needs are taken care of for you, and the one I’m in, where they give you enough money to buy food and the other things you need every week. It’s called the “independent living program”. I’ve noticed that the belly of all the guys in the independent living program starts to grow when they move into the independent living apartments. In my case it is because I eat out of boredom. That’s a bad habit.

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