Food intolerances

Has anyone here experienced food intolerances? If so how did this affect your mental and physical health(weight? for example).
I am trying to work out why I have only managed to lose 4.9 lbs in the last 4-5 months .Thought sleep or lack of it was an issue but have slept quite well last few days and still noticed a gain of several lbs since last Monday. Another possibility is a meds effect and thirdly am wondering about food intolerance.

I get ill drinking milk these days. It wasn’t always like this, I developed it late in life. I drink it anyway.

as you get older human metabolism changes…
cut out sugar…and low fat…white bread…white pasta…etc.
but…the good news is… :rainbow:
do eat full fat products…good oils…and loads of vegetables.
kiwi fruit before bed will break down your food faster.
loads of walking…and some light weights…
it is not what size we are, it is how we feel… :smiley:
take care :alien:

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Yeah, I don’t want just anybody moving into my neighborhood. Why don’t those damn cucumbers stick to their own kind? When they moved in next door they brought the property values down.

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A lot of food intolerances I haven’t traced yet. Physical + mental discomforts. My brother says I’ll soon be eating cooking + milk. I said - I’m not sure about milk, “Cookies, then.”

What are your symptoms?

(I had worsening bloat for about eight months last year. Finally traced it down to lactose intolerance – which I already knew about – and using the wrong form of whey protein powder.)

I am not sure I have any symptoms apart from occasional migraine/bad headache and heartburn every now and then. I am not sure whether food intolerance is connected to difficulty losing weight hence my OP.