Food for thought about tb

It’s seems as if stress and thought broadcasting has led me to over developing my internal speech. When I read I’m so used to hearing myself that I have begun to talk through my nasal passages. It is very quiet to me but very noticeable to other people.

  I believe this is where alot of people developed this delusion based on subvocalizarion and projecting their actual voice in a level that is normal and quiet to them but on a level that is louder outside of the head and throat. This is easy to do when you're deep in your thoughts and mind.

I believe other people see this as a way to take atternion away from themselves and put it on you as if you are some how to blame for their reaction. I very rarely see people that actually take responsibility for their own judgmental thoughts.

There are thinkers that observe and create thought on their own then there are people that only listen to criticize. It takes some of their I’ll contempt they have for themselves and project it onto someone else.
If you were in a foot race and were getting tired and had an oppturnty to trip someone to gain a position would you do it? Most would say of course not. Others would do it in a heart beat. But we all do this at times even if we know it or not.

Food for thought