Food for the soul

Making some pulled pork barbeque for my family and of course my dad for fathers day. Family is family for life. I thank God for another day of being here. A nice man today bought my kids some sun glasses although it was only 2$ it was the thought and kindness of it. Their are still good at heart people out here every day I’m witnessing it. I’m happy my kids are good refrigerator full and waiting on my surgery next week. Plus my I’m getting strength back in my legs from getting hurt it still won’t be the same I’m limited but I’m thankful.


I really enjoy it when people post uplifting moments in their lives on here. So I thank you.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we can tend to be downers :stuck_out_tongue:

That was really nice of that man to buy your kids sun glasses. Have you ever met him before or was he just a complete stranger?


Life can be good @anon36372018 …… yes indeed.


He looked like a face I saw before. But I did not bother to find out. He was a very good looking man. To answer your question he was a stranger.

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