Follow Up Email to Healthcare team:

Hi (Name),

I was not contacted regarding PRN at all this week, and my concerns on email were not fully acknowledged electronically

Do not appreciate this, as yet another weekend needs to be endured before I get medication input.

This is unacceptable to me, as the communication between myself, you and the duty has clearly not been followed through.

The below email is to be disregarded - as I have lost patience and I am no longer willing to wait until the end of June

When we meet Monday, please be prepared to discuss the exit strategy.

We need to focus on:

  • Getting my drivers license sorted out - as this is now being sent directly to Dr. (Name), and any changes at this point will slow the process

  • How I retain my PIP - I am assuming since I have been in receipt of this, fighting to keep it should be easier? Please advise Monday

  • Making sure my GP is actually going to prescribe me the correct medication - they have not been updating their system/paperwork for months now…

  • Help with trying to locate a private provider, which I will fund through my PIP. My understanding from previous conversations is that private doctors who also work for the NHS will not provide care to me, which means the above needs to be expeidated in order for me to get prompt care.

I can’t think of anything else worthy of note.

As I am sure you can understand from my perspective, I feel there is no longer merit in putting pressure on the NHS when I need something, as this clearly no longer working. To be honest, it’s a pretty sad indictment that the relationship between us has historically had to operate in this fashion - and I am sure all find it as tiresome as I indeed do

My communication to members of the team I have tried to keep to a minimum, and I have always tried to only kick up a fuss if there is something that needs to be dealt with swiftly - I am no longer prepared to wait 6-8 weeks each time for an issue to be sorted out

The hope I have now is to fund care through my PIP - which of course is coming out of my support net for my personal finances.

I have no hesitation in doing this, and trying to see if money helps me get proper treatment in a prompt way needs to be tested - as I feel there is no other option as things stand that has not being exhausted already

@Dr. (Name), I am sorry to have sent you two emails now without you giving me your email. Mistakenly, I thought some sort of internal escalation may help, but I was wrong.

Kind Regards

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why can’t you get a driver’s license

All’s I know is that crisis care is non existent over here or horribly taxing. I’ve learned to live with that and appreciate the game simply because when I need it it’s not often there.

I’m not saying that is anyones fault but there’s some serious problems with delivery of service to those in crisis. If your not in crisis I imagine it’s a similar thing over there. I think it’s good to be your own advocate and that is important and if you’ve the patience and moxy I don’t find anything wrong with your approach.

Thing is. Mental health is expensive and it’s poorly funded worldwide. I’m not sure of your health system as I’m a world away but always leave yourself enough scope to benefit. I’d imagine there’s more people than you fighting the system…That becomes problematic for those delivering it. Good luck. Hope you get some joy.

It has to be signed off by my consultant once a year for it to be approved

I think part of the point of my email was to point this out clearly, and show how tiring it is for me and also them.

This way of managing care is just a massive waste of every involved’s time and energy.

If they just dealt with things, it would probably save them net time!

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well, I still don’t get it. what is the criteria.

I don’t get asked health questions when I go in to renew my license,
it’s just basically an eye test.

@Daze it seems a UK problem. We just do the same over here. Unless you’ve seizure disorder you don’t lose your licence and most health questions don’t matter.

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The drivers license department of government in the UK only gives out time restricted licenses to people with SZ

They have to make sure you have not being hospitalised and that your current symptoms and state of mind makes you a safe driver

I am restricted to a 1 year license, but before they did do a 3 year license. But I was put in hospital a couple of years ago, so they do a yearly currently

@Daze if you get hospitalised here, you’re not allowed to drive for 3 months, and it can easily take 4-6 months for them to re-approve it, so you get stuck in limbo for all that time

ummm, okay, that is private, confidential information,
and something you should not have to reveal.

You have no choice if you want a drivers license

ok, I’ve been hospitalized and heavily medicated,

never had one accident, no claims on my insurance.

I have no claims bonus of 12 years.

My old pdoc prevented my license from getting approved 4 times in two years, and I couldn’t drive

Ended up showing him my insurance documents, and said I have had SZ this whole time and not had a single accident!

He didn’t argue with that in the end

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