Folks need advice about best meds for me for anxiety

Currently on:

600mg quetiapine
60mg fluoxetine
200mg pregabalin

Despite this am getting full on anxiety about leaving the flat. I recently came off depixol, a typical AP.

My options as I see them are raising the quetiapine up to 800mg or the pregabalin up to 600mg. Under a doctors advice obviously. What do you think I should do?

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I don’t think i should give you advice bc what if i do and you follow it and it doesn’t work out very well? i wouldn’t want to be responsible for that,

I have probably done it before and its fkd everything up for some people idk i hope its not :frowning: but its hard to tell, all i can say is that we are all different and i guess you should really ask your doctors or even a couple of doctors for their opinions.

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If you’re healthy enough to exercise then you should do daily cardio exercise. Can you buy a used stationary bike to put in your flat? Also, limit caffeine and alcohol (or avoid alcohol altogether).

I have social anxiety too, and the things I’ve mentioned help. I still feel a little uncomfortable when I leave the house, but I’ve learned to accept that I have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


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