Flying to Istanbul for MRI on Monday or Tuesday

We are allowed to fly to some countries from today. Turkey is on the list
I looked at flights to Istanbul to have MRI scan done on both armpits to scan for microchips, this is at the up most importance to me. I can travel on Monday or Tuesday next week from my local airport to Istanbul. I’m awaiting email back from the clinic/hospital I emailed to see if availability of having MRI done on them is possible.

I’m going not going to tell my treatment team although I want to scream from the rooftops how I know they’ve microchipped me and are microwaving intrusive thoughts into my brain telling me to top myself, this is because I’m close to expose them and their orientation that say they are the NHS but truth are secret agents and spys out to get me and have been since before I was born.

The questions I have are…

If I told the clinic/hospital the reasons why I want the MRI scan will they deny it? I can feel microchip pulsing… What excuse do I tell them on why I want the scans?

I have lots of scares around armpit from previous attempts of getting it out. Will they question this?

I like Istanbul, I know some turkish like chokh guzal, chokh tashakurat etc. I lived 12 years in Syria, I was born there. Many Syrians in Turkey.

Why not stay in your country? I don’t get why leave your country for other than vacation. Don’t waste your money, you don’t have microchips, they don’t exist and you would need surgery to have them plus regular battery replacement operations. You sound sick.

@bobbilly you’re making a huge mistake.


Clinci sent me questioner. Asked reason for MRI, I said anxties around lump in armpit. On questioner asked if I have mental health problems, including depression. I’m going to tick no. If I tick yes they may deny me?

You’re wasting your time, money and health.


Yeah this is a very bad idea.
You are very sick @bobbilly.
Don’t go!

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What will happen is that you will get locked in mental hospital there and might never get out.
Mental hospitals there and in Syria are very bad quality and poor. Not healthy.


I won’t be. Why would they do that, I havent got anything wrong with me plus its a quick trip for 2/3 days.

Talk to your treatment team. Explain to them what your trying to do.

Also if they’re in charge of your finances how are you going to pay for it ?

I took out £1500 loan as I have very good credit

Plus bobbilly if you Get sick there and don’t have insurance it will cost a fortune. Please don’t go

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That’s not enough to pay for it all anyway.

This is dangerous. You might get stuck there.

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Email back from clinic

‘‘For MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedures, the specialist needs to review any supporting medical records, scans, x-rays, MRIs, etc, so as to gauge a better understanding of your circumstances. To send your documents, just attach them to this email when you reply.’’

I don’t have any documents to send. What do I say to that? They also say this.

‘‘If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Just be aware though, that without this information, I cannot engage the specialist for an assessment of your case.’’

Bobbilly please don’t go. You could lose so much you have going on here if you are stuck in a Turkish psych ward

That’s good. That means you can’t go.

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You could get locked up there indefinitely.
Their mental institutions are barbaric.
Talk it over with your team before you attempt to go anywhere.

You don’t sound well at all.

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I can ask for phone call back. I know what to say as I have been to GP about this microchip many times. I can tell them I have concerns about lump in my armpit and that I would like a MRI scan to ease anaxiteis as GP practice don’t think it warrants a MRI scan. I would like MRI scan to put my worries at ease. Etc…

I’m also aware I’ve been talking very fast as day centre nurse said so at day centre. That would be you counterproductive on taking phone call.

What happens if the Istambul doctors are with the people that want to get you? Won´t they know what are you trying to do and try to stop you/bribe the turkish doctors?

You will get a negative. Don´t bother going there.