Fluvoxamine improves primary negative symptoms

Has anyone tried using this particular ssri to treat their negative symptoms?

Yea if you can tolerate the sexual side effects it’s a great med!

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I think it’s the best ad on the market, especially if you have OCD

Haven’t yet, but I might try it in the future :slight_smile:

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Ive read it has helped those with alogia significantly, but I hate sexual sfx and the emotional blunting that comes with antidepressants. Seriously leve my serotonin alone, or if you must just tamper with it in was which dont impact my ability to orgasm.

Well I’ve read that on the contrary, it helped with affective blunting and anhedonia, as welll as alogia, and that some people didn’t experience any sexual side effects from it…I guess it’s try and see

Sexual sfx are very likely with ssris

Interesting. I will ask about this med to my pdoc.