Fluoxetine or other antidepressants

Does anybody have proscribed fluoxetine? I heard off of google that its one of the least sedating antidepressants

How is your experience wirh antidepressants if you use one, and will a pdoc proscribe on top of antipsychotics?

Ive never been on any antidepressant. But i am CERTAIN i have a case of depression

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I had a bad reaction to Prozac when I was 16 years old. It made me super OCD and impulsive. I had to stop it, and haven’t taken it since

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Oh i see, thats not good. Im really impulsivr as it is already

If i may ask, did the drs ever figure out if it was the medication or because you were quite young.

Yes. It started right after starting the med. it stopped shortly after stopping the med and didn’t come back

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Have you tried any other antidepressants?

Yes. I liked Zoloft but my insurance stopped covering it a long time ago. After that, I switched to citalopram and it helps me a lot without side effects so I like that one too

My googling confirmed the same for the ssri class.

You are actually going to get more activation with NDRIs, MoA inhibitors, NRIs, SNRIs roughly in that order they’re not first line agents though. There are tricyclic antidepressants too.

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