Fluid intake

Do you drink too much or too little ? If so,why? I have been told on occasion that I drink too little. Apparently they can tell from the elasticity of the skin when having the depot. It is not, in my case ,delusions or command hallucinations making me drink too little. In fact I always reckon I am drinking enough.
I guess I am not a very good judge.

There’s been so much heat lately I make sure to drink a cup every hour or two. I’m not sure if that’s too much, too little or just right. But I drink water when I feel I need it, and I need it in this heat.

summer weather always makes me drink more than usual. Instead of soft drinks I try real fruit like white grapefruit and oranges.

medication does make dehydration worse!

I drink tons of water. Sometimes I spice things up by adding cucumber slices or lemon. I hate sugary drinks.

me too, I always seem to be drinking water.

When I wrestled in high school we used to lose amazing amounts of weight by dehydrating. If I did too much of that it left me weak, but my wrestling coach used to lose even more by dehydrating in college. It seems to me that division I wrestlers can take dehydration better than lesser wrestlers. I haven’t noticed any permanent effects from dehydrating so far. I’ve heard it can do permanent damage.

Hi @Ninjastar :slight_smile:

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The ufc have spoken about banning extreme weight loss regimes. Think you would get weighed 2 weeks out, then 1 week. You would only be allowed to lose a certain percentage of your body weight over that time.

There have been some big name fighters having to go to hospital due to extreme weight loss.

Ps the ufc have also outlawed IV hydration before fights.

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I’m so badass!:sunglasses:

I drank so much water I gave myself low sodium twice. Now I try and be careful and chew ice cubes instead.

I can’t chew ice cubes anymore because I broke two teeth and that ■■■■ was expensive! Be careful, @Samp

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Thanks ninja!

My teeth are actually sensitive and it hurts sometimes.

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I drink coffee but not enough water in a day.
I try to drink at lest 1 litre of water.

There’s quiet a few profiles I have not seen around for a while.
Hope they are good n well.

I make sure I drink enough after exercise