Flowers for Algernon (My book review)

This book was just amazing! As I read it really got the wheels in my head turning.

The book brings up so many important questions about life.

God’s design and scientists tampering with it, society’s treatment of the mentally disabled and their responsibility to protect them, at what point does an experiment subject become the monster/and at what point do the people running the experiment become monsters.

That all being said, this isn’t quite a “hey - let’s all get happy!!” kind of book. The characters are all very complex and 3 dimensional. At some points in the novel the character trade verbal blows. And they really hit the reader.

The main character Charly was so well fleshed out.

My God, I haven’t read something this powerful in a long time…and the ending really just hits ya like a sucker-punch to the gut.

It gets four out of four kittens :cat::cat::cat::cat: (Can ya dig my rating scale?!)

Thank you @freakonaleash for recommending this book. :blush:

And also thank you @MissJennyJen for not spoiling the ending.

And I’m sorry for such a long post. I just feel like this crowd “gets me” and I had to share my thoughts on this book somewhere.


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I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! Yes, it is an awesome book.


Thank you! I’m forever grateful to you for recommending it :blush:.

It’s kind of “nose to nose” in competition with a few other titles for my favorite book.


Nice… sounds like a very thought provoking book… your review was good as well your excitement shows and is contiguous… i will add this book to the reading list…


Thank you! Yes, I really recommend this book. :smiley:


Developing sz for me was kind of like the experience of the main character at points in the story. Just getting dumber and dumber and only halfway realizing it. And just bein’ dumb and chillin’.

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I read it many years ago well before I got sick, but I honestly don’t remember it much. I knew I liked it quite well, but that’s about it. It might be in the stuff I have in storage. Maybe someday, I can re-read it.

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@anon9798425 My apologies…that’s what I got from the book and I’m sure my perspective is skewed at best. Maybe I could’ve worded that better/differently.


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