Flower Mural

Here’s a picture of a flower mural that I painted in my parents’ foyer a few years ago. The band of flowers goes all the way around the room. It’s kind of a blurry picture. It looks better in person.


wow , what else don’t you do !! i am impressed.
take care

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What did you paint that with?

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Thank you. I painted it with latex paints and tints from Home Depot. I usually paint oil on canvas, but for this I decided to go with acrylic.

Thank you darksith. You are always so kind. :smile:

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You’re quite an artist !!..didn’t know that…
The detail is awesome. I enlarged it for you…still a little blurry, but you can see the quality :slight_smile:




Kinda reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s style. Very nice.

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Beautiful flowers! Great job.


Very nice - :smiley:

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WOW!!! very beautiful…


Thanks, @onceapoet. Who is Frida Kahlo? Is she a Spanish speaker? Married to another artist? Her name sounds very familiar to me, from one of my Spanish classes.

Thank you everyone. Your comments are much appreciated. :smiley:

Wow, that is quite beautiful. You’re extremely talented! :smile:

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Er…more like Fabian Ciraolo who did one of Frida Kahlo with flowers that are similar…

She was a very famous Mexican artist. She was married to Diego Rivera (spelling?).

She did a lot of self portraits but I like this one titled “What the water gave me.”
It’s quite trippy…
Empire State Building coming out of a volcano, or being swallowed by one…
it’s a trip…

**Yes~**She was very unusual and beautiful…what a life she had!

This was from her trip ( first one? ) to NY