(<\/>) -Flesh and Flesh- (<\/>)

Hello , Perhaps Impatient Paranoid Schizophrenic Friends and Slightly Hidden Spectral Insectual Eyes … ,

Whatever that all Means … ,

N e Hoo My Last Thread is Being Thot About but e(Y)e Forgot My Innocent Seedling Spark Heartbeat of tha Reason Behind it … ,

Hopefully to Return Soon … ,

Since tha Coma if I Don’t Get My Thots Down Quickly , e(Y)e Lose them Forever … ,

Sad Ordeal … ,

Ok New Topic For Your Sponge Wealth … ,


1.) Do You , Your Inner Unheard of Self , and (OR) Inner thots Ever Desire , to See (OR) Sense Blood and Flesh in Some Way (???)

2.) Hypothetically Speaking (of course) , Would You Push Someone on tha Railroad Tracks (???)


Thread inside of a Thread … ,

Felt Like e(Y)e Drifted Away Too Far so Here’s my Return , Hope all is well You Guys (!!!)

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Intrusive thoughts maybe

Won’t tell you

Don’t want you to go there