Flashback to the early 60s

Flashback to the early 60s. My first school was observant enough to recommend I was taken to see someone albeit it was thought it might be what is now called cerebral palsy. Autism was a narrow diagnosis . NVLD unheard of. Dyspraxia ,or whatever it was called then , far less well known. With the initial suspicions dismissed other avenues were not considered to be explored . There was not the knowledge on such matters that there is nowadays. Fast forward to the late 60s to Mid 70s and in school correspondence I acquired I’m described as poorly coordinated ,bad at drawing and writing,messy and disorganised. There’s already a pattern long before of difficulty interacting with others . Again there are dots ready to be joined together but not the professional will and knowledge to do so.

Mid 70s the long period of psychiatric care begins. As is typical of psychiatry a finely detailed assessment of background is not done , and things not looked at from a whole person perspective. All the signs ready to be picked up on are overlooked. Indeed what should have prompted more intelligent people to consider what was going on (a reaction to being told I was being sent to make doll’s houses which I freaked out at because I have no manual constructional skills ) was instead scathingly dismissed by a less than empathetic and non too bright psychiatrist as my being “an awkward and troublesome teenager”.

Opportunity to help lost. A myopic and far from intelligent pattern of everything being related to the psychiatric diagnosis I had being the order of the day instead for the next 40+ years , and the thought of looking beyond that very much dismissed.

So many years ,so many signs, so much that was overlooked.


Without the support of a good partner then wife for over 20 years and now a good stepdaughter and granddaughters I would have been in a very bad place. Not that the psychiatric profession who have always tended to be rather callous ever cared much.


I was born on Jan. 1, 1959. One of my earliest memories is of my sister crying in front of the tv when John Kennedy was assassinated. I also have very sketchy memories of the Cuban missile crisis. My dad was working at an air force base then, and he said they had the B-52’s lined up on the runway, loaded with nuclear weapons.

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@crimby I was born Jan 15 1957. My early childhood memories are virtually non existent .
A while back my father told me “but you were obviously a pretty precocious child because I remember you watching a lot of television and rushing into the kitchen to share the news of the Kennedy election in the fall of 1960”.

I have memories of thinking Goldwater was a jerk back in 1964.

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You might remember the manson murders then.

That was later in the sixties, after the counterculture got going. I was older then, but I wasn’t that interested in Charles Manson. I remember hearing about the trial on the news, but that’s all.

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Everybody thought Goldwater was a jerk. He lost the election of 1964 decisively.

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This thread was about the difficulties I’ve had getting my issues/problems recognised but has turned into a thread for reminiscing- oh well I guess it’s easy for a thread to get sidetracked.

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