Flash flood warning. nervous

we have a run off channel beside our house and it is getting above the perameters of the channel. we are luckily on a hill but the house behind us is already filling up. the water would have to come quite a ways yet before it reaches the house. but still…that chance has me nervous.

the storm has passed but flooding is still possible with all the run off. at least it won’t be a tornado tonight.

Good luck and I’m hoping you have a back up plan to get to safety. I’m glad your doing well so far.

Hang tight and hope you pull through Ok.

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thanks dude. I guess we will be fine. at least there wasn’t another power outage. more storms tomorrow. sheesh. I am sooo tired of rain and severe weather.

This the season but we haven’t had anything to severe yet. Flooding hasn’t ever really been an issue in my town I don’t think. We did have a microburst tare through the student ghetto about 5 years ago.