Flagged my first post today, it was spam

It was cross posted spam, and poof, it went away.

There were various options like offensive, off topic, spam, other etc.

It was a relatively painless process. I’d recommend it, over just kvetching about things.


yeah i flag stuff too from time to time, simpler way of dealing with stuff

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dark sith is the worst offender…he waffles on about rubbish…!
" hey wait i am dark sith…!?! "
" dark sith why did you write that ? "
" you know i get bored "
" well take it back "
" i don’t want to "
" well then it is a duel to the death, en garde you fowl smelling beast "

there was silence …only the sound of the humming of the lightsabers…
take care :alien:


Thanks - really appreciate the help in keeping the forum clean!