Fixing this head is getting more and more like computer repair all of the time

I swear. It’s more and more amazing and less and less a whole mind and body twisting experience to hear these voices ever since I began doing a hard logic study and “re-valuing” everything I think and everyone else thinks. It’s reshaping my mind theory, and as a result my scz is clearing up.

Whereas before a voice that was saying random, arrogant things right beside my head while I’m working on something which causes my whole insides to contort and shatter into a disrupted, spastic, jittery, and emotional mess, now it’s just like if I was myself when I as a teen or even someone else that has never had scz.

Now it’s like “whoa, wth is this? This is neat. I have a talking brain from out of nowhere.”

Basically what I’m saying is once the mental disruptions, attention shattering, mind fragmenting, emotional extremes, and dis-coordinated body movements do not exist any longer, but the voices do,…

…well…it’s exactly what you would expect. It’s like weird. It’s like kind of neat, and ya want to tell someone just to see if they freak out or see what they think about it. It may make me feel good to entertain what they do think or how they react.


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