(FIXED) Prevent forum from being indexed by Search Engines

I don’t know if this will be of interest to those who run this site, however I have noticed that all of the schizophrenia.com domain including the forum.schizophrenia.com subdomain are being indexed by all search engines.

If it is in the interest of the admins, might i suggest preventing just the forum from being crawled. Most online forms are this way. I understand the reason for allowing guests to view the forum but by adding the following code we can offer a little more anonymity to those of us who choose to open up about things we wouldn’t necessarily want the whole world to know.

To prevent all robots from indexing a page on your site, place the following meta tag into the < head > section of your page:

< meta name=“robots” content=“noindex” >

Edited to allow the tags to show.



We want the forums to be indexed by the search engines so that people can find the forums and benefit from the sharing that people do. At the same time we are very conscious of the need for personal privacy so the software does not allow the user’s name or email address information to be accessed via the search engines (or any other users of the site). You can see the reference to this feature here:

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Confirmed fixed from my phone. It will not be removed from Google or the other search engines until the crawlers come to this site again. But at least it is out of the page source.

Thank you for the quick response and resolution. =)

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If you google my real name, i show up on the old forums and i dont want that because I had the same username. Can u fix that?

Yes - I can fix that.

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