Five years later

About five years ago I was in a pickle. I was enjoying my job driving truck, but my heart condition going downhill made the physical aspects of it unsafe (unloading bulk fuel). I couldn’t continue doing it. There was only one place in town hiring for a job with decent pay so I figured I might as well take a run at it. Here’s what I had in my inbox on Tuesday morning:

I turned out to be good at the job despite not exactly being a people person and having a mortal fear of using a telephone. It’s five years, four raises, and two promotions later. I even have one of the rare and coveted work from home positions that detaches my income from my geography. It has turned out to be okay, even when it’s stressful.

Moral of the story: It doesn’t hurt to try something that scares the hell out of you. You might even surprise yourself by succeeding.

p.s. The gift was a voucher for the company store. I picked up a few nice jackets with my employer’s branding.



Well done matey. Not easy this thing called life but it’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid of having a go. Congratulations and kudos.


Well done! Thats really inspiring :smiley:

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Good job!

That’s very impressive. I’m happy for you.

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Very nice! You’re a source of hope and inspiration here.

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Congrats dude. Hardwork pays off!

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I tried to write a response to something you said last night, but the post got closed before I could post it. So I’ll paraphrase –

Your hard work, and approach to hard work, are very inspiring.

In another thread, @Bowens was asking about not gaining weight while quitting smoking, and you immediately showed up and not only said, “Make a plan,” but you had an idea of a plan sketched out for him. Then you acknowledge how hard it is to do the plan, but that you push yourself and do it anyway.

I was so impressed by that. Clearly, other people are, too.


Congratulations on your successes. May there be many more.


Proud of you, @velociraptor!

Five years with so many accomplishments is such a big deal.

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Congratulations!!! I wholeheartedly agree with @Pandy. Very impressive

Congratulations! You’re inspiration for us!

Definitely a “feel good” story.

I never received a card like that lol

i wish i had, now i know how they look :sweat_smile:

anyway, do you bro :vulcan_salute:

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I kinda wish i got this vouchers thou :sweat_smile:

Congratulations. Nice job @velociraptor .

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