Fitness guru claims we've been doing push-ups 'wrong' and shares our big mistake


The thing that went terribly wrong with my pushups routine was that I was doing them twice a year at most. So I stopped. Wouldn’t want to develop bad habits :disappointed_relieved:

I never been able to do them .

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It’s a pity you stopped going to the swimming pool. Best exercise regardless of age.

At my last address I was going regularly as it was 5 minutes walking time away. Then they closed it , a new place was opened on the outskirts of town . There was no way I could get to it.

There’s a leisure centre with swimming pool here, but again I’d need help to get to it.

weve been doing it wrong all along, fitness guru shares big mistake.

this reminds me of the typical: Fitness guru shares this one simple trick to build muscle fast.

Then plugs ads for his supplement company.

How far from where you’re staying?

All I know is its not that near to me. This poor sense of direction + mild agoraphobia is quite disabling .

If I lived nearby we could go together. I haven’t been to a swimming pool in many months due to the lockdown.

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From what I read it’s more about when first starting pushups, instead of knee pushups, doing a regular pushup with arms on a raised surface like a bench? Probably good. It’s good to look at starting fitness tips, people can get hurt or discouraged if not eased into the exercise.

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