Fish oil- acetylcholine increase

Has anyone used or had success with fish oil. I’m asking because I’m interested in the new medication KARxt which is coming out and utilizes actycholine and muscarinic receptors in the body and have been very hopeful about this med, but some are comparing it to fish oil??! Fish oil did nothing for me. Has anyone else found it helpful. Just asking thank you


fish oil is nothing like karxt. karxt is combination of 2 drugs, xanomeline and trospium. xanomeline is direct agonist of two muscrainic receptors(M1 and M4, if i remember it right), so it indirectly modulates brain dopamine function. And trospium is peripheral(doesnt cross BBB, so does not act on a brain) antagonist of all muscarinic receptors.
Trospium is needed basicaly just for prevention of side effects from xanomeline, like hypersalivation or exessive sweating.
While fish oil is just supplement, that doesnt act on any of acetylcholine receptors. Yes, it might increase acytelcholine levels, but its nothing compared to direct agonis action of xanomeline.
P.S Clozapine is also a M1/M4 agonist, thats where hypersalivation coming from.


Hi, I just had a weak moment yesterday connecting fish oil to acetylcholine, I’ve been studying this medication for awhile and am optimistic about it. Still wondering though how it will effect patients what some of the past expierences have been like in trials. How it makes people feel etc


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Tried it and does nothing for me