Fish oil (+ abilify?) = stimulation city

I’m not actually sure that this is working out :frowning:

I’m having difficulty falling asleep and feel more anxious during the day. Also I feel more irritable.

I might only take 1 softgel tomorrow instead of 2. I.e. half the dose and see how I get on with that.

Perfect dose is always 1 softgel per day. Anything over will not give extra benefits instead can give side effects like raised blood sugar, insomnia etc.

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I took fish oil for years on recommendation of my shrink. There were some good studies done years ago out here that suggested positive things for people with adhd so I gave it a go for negatives. I think I’m like you in that I didn’t really notice any change at all. These days I gave it up because it does have interactions with gout…and although I’m on allipuronal it bloody well hurts and I don’t want to bring that on.


Yeah. This is a failed experiment. I just took 1 softgel today and I’m still more anxious than normal. I’m even getting a little bit paranoid which I don’t normally feel.

I suspect that abilify and fish oil might not go well together and there may be an interaction.

I’m going to discontinue taking it.

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I use to take omega three softgels on risperidone and that helped somewhat with negative symptoms, but took it for relapse prevention and because its good for the heart, dunno what its like on abilify but not doing anything untill the switch is over, I even stopped overtime so I can tell if any stress I experience is from the switch. Currently all good but on the regular dose of risperidone so will see what happens when its lowered. I have monthly appiontments now to prevent any relapse, perhaps I should speak to Pdoc about softgels again as there are some studies out there on its use for relapse prevention.

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I’ll at some point be paying out of pocket for my pdoc it works out to about two days wages, but much cheaper than a relapse, which costed me last time about three months wages.

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