First voice

first time you heared voices did you know its for psychosis and its not normal to hear them?

did you not ask this already?

nope I didn’t have a clue it was psychosis even though I had a vague idea what szc was.

What about you, ?

idk if im making whispers up in my head or its for real a voice its very faint like an inner monologue

I always found it hard to understand this cos for me however faint the voices are, I believed them to be not me …

bt your situation is different,ould you get an appointment with a psychiatrist?

I thought the voices I was hearing were real the first time I heard them, I thought I was clever becuase I knew it was real. I’m hearing whispers like you as well but I know they aren’t real. Can you make out any words or are they too faint? I can hear one word only

its like my own voice saying my name again and again at night whn its quiet

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Mine are saying my name as well. They are saying more but I can’t make it out, all I can hear is my name. Are you on any meds?

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