First time


how you first got the illness??


Probably broke through when i took lsd


I was getting off drugs when I first heard voices. Maybe it was the chemical I’m balance of stopping something my body was so use to but not sure.


I don’t think I did anything in particular, aside from going through the late stages of puberty. I don’t want to think about how bad off I would be if I had done drugs too.


Where r u from ayrin …!!! U look preety… i think ur stable now… i got this illness due to insomnia …!!! If i was diagnosed on time i could have avoided sz… its my bad luck…


spain. how can get sz from not sleeping ? i wonder


Insomnia causes and triggers sz…how do u get sz ayrin…


i dont have it i have drea
lization anxiety panic ocd depression


Person i talked to who was strange he doesnt like to talk about himself as agreat person then that progress later to a story i lived
then voices begin they say we will talk for 2 days then 6 months passed of acute psychosis year 2 years and 8 years now
I see myself as victim to that important person
I talked to him later but he doesnt know what mistake i did so that government torture you remotly!!!


Chronic user of marijuana for 10 years. Stopped it abruptly.


Or maybe it’s the other way around: the beginning phase of sz triggers insomnia.


When i was 17 i drove my car into a tree cause of voices. Survived that then in college started really diving in the psychoactives


I don’t know. I was feeling weird every time I smoked meed. One day I just brok through



Mine started in the car! I started hearing a voice, and then brushed it off for a while until it became more frequent and and more clear. I’m not very spiritual, but I cannot help but to believe that this is more than just a psychological issue and more of an entity from maybe a different dimension that my brain has somehow tapped into. I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve heard crazier things. Anyways, my entity sometimes will tell me to drive off the road, kill myself, and even harm others. I notice that it happens more often when I am anxious about something, which is pretty frequently. I am trying to reason with this entity though. The entity will sometimes have positive moments that actually help me, but then other times will try to get me to harm myself. I just don’t get it. Thanks for your post on here.


Doing psychoactive drugs.


I was born this way.


Mine is genetic runs in the family. My grandfather had it became and alcoholic because of it. One of my older sisters had it she committed suicide and my brother has it but refuses to take meds and then there’s me, sober, clean and take my meds :grin:


I got sza because it runs in my family, and I was a chronic, recreational pot smoker all of my life, beginning in my teens, and because I was under severe stress as a nursing student, the wife of an abuser and a young mother.


A few bad acid trips triggered mine. But I probably would have gotten it anyways further down the line.


A really bad Mescaline trip triggered my first SZ episode.