First time social anxiety

Suppose I developed from continualy being stressed by neighbourhood…
Anthropophobia is closest to this, but I don’t think of it as psyhological term.
I simply wish that I’m more resistant to stigma and crowd.

My former therapist used to tell me the more I stopped doing something the worse the anxiety would get so keep trying. Don’t give up

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For example…
My neighbour above my flat is moving furniture, it’s 1.30 am.
Usually I would phone him and say cut the crap.
But there are so much people who know Im sick and without support so it can be used against me…


Yeah. I understand that. That would be hard on anyone.

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I just wish I live with someone.

Might be I found out today that my friend’s ex wife is going permanently to mental facility.
They lived in town where she had social apartment and lived alone when they broke up.
She is loosing all her rights now…