First Time on Abilify

What have you guys first experiences on abilify been like because this is kicking my butt my friend says it’s because I’m not used to it but curious how it was for everyone else


It made my avolition a little better (maybe because olanzapine was making me too much sedated). It also helped lose weight.

Are u already on abilify? It gave me restless leg syndrome for the first two months

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Abilify is an ok med. I tried to make work.hopeful for better options.

It gave me restless legs too.

I’m currently back on abilify. It knocks me out so I take it at night.

I used to be on Abilify but it had not affect on me. I wasn’t responding to it so I was put on Saphris. I have heard that large doeses over long periods of time can cause paralysis.

I was on the Abilify shot for a while and it helped me sleep really well but in the hospital I got switched to Haldol and Vraylar. The Vraylar makes me want to eat EVERYTHING, and it’s really expensive, but it’s helped a lot. I gained 8lbs in a month. Anybody else tried Vraylar? I’m curious about other people’s response to it…

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I thought abilify was going to help but it didn’t. Now I’m on good ol haldol.

I ti take abillify as an injection it works wonders its non sedating and seems to do a good job. No weight gain too. Id recomend it to anyone although ive only been on two meds ever and they both seemed to help but i do like the abillify better than olanzapine good luck. Im having a bit of a rough patch but i know todays reality isnt tomorrows im hoping i dont have to go to a stronger medication because the one im on is quite nice.