First time i had 3 coffees, good day

my day in a nutshell

  • coffee outside, nice weather
  • tidy up of flat
  • coffee outside again, talked to some friends, weather still good
  • took my gf home and went to my mums
  • changed light bulb, watched a couple of carry on films, took dog a nice walk and saw my sis and nephew
  • came home and Had coffee again outside and saw some friends
  • bought a lovely curry reduced in price (only 60p)
  • listening to music talked to gf on phone.

Interesting and productive day. Do you feel tired after all that activity? I’d spend the next day recovering if I did all that :joy:

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Wow that’s a lot @mrhappy!
Yeah productive day.

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thanks guys, it was easy for me and not stressful as it usually is :slight_smile: maybe i’m making a breakthrough lol,

I ended up going over to my friends place and got a load of my late exes dvds from him, lots of memories and i’m hoping to feature some on my library at my clubhouse.


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